Charity Gaye Finnestad spent her childhood as a rolling stone, thanks to her dad’s severe case of grass-is-greener syndrome.  She finally ended up in the tiny hamlet of Sisters, Oregon, where she discovered that just because a town doesn’t possess a stoplight, that doesn’t mean it’s not chock-full of rules for fitting in. She didn’t. So she made the regrettable deal with her parents that if they would let her graduate early at age sixteen, she would go to a religious college in-state. That’s how the naughtier than nice Charity ended up graduating summa cum laude from Eugene Bible College with a degree in religion and education. Rumor has it that she was the only non-Birkenstock sporting chick in all of greater Eugene, Oregon at that time.

Brainwashed that sex outside marriage was a no-go, Charity made the brilliant decision to get married at the wise-old-age of eighteen to her high school sweetheart. When the marriage didn’t survive, she thought, “I failed once, better try again,” and got hitched again – and then divorced again. Not even a quarter of century old and already twice-wed, Charity quickly discovered that marriage required more than raging hormones and goo goo eyes to work. Who knew?

One day, she woke up to the realization she had big dreams that could only be found in one place. With that in mind, she packed up her bags and hit the road for Hollywood. Arriving with a pocket full of hopes, an empty bank account, and a delusional belief in her own great worth to the illustrious city, Charity dove into the shark tank and tried not to drown. Lucky for her she was tall.  A “C” level modeling agent discovered her right before she starved to death and put her to work hawking goods that the “A” level girls wouldn’t touch. Surviving on food from the 99 Cent Store by day and traversing the glamorous parties of Hollywood by night, Charity struggled to find love and build meaningful relationships in a city built on illusion.

Realizing no one was going to pay her to write until she had an audience, Charity created a blog called Hollywood in Heels. In it she dished on her misadventures while dating in LA. The blog was an instant success, propelling her from the return to sender pile to the hallowed sanctuary of one of Hollywood’s power agencies.

Before Charity could get her blog turned into a show, she met the man of her dreams, got swept off her feet, and knocked up. She subsequently spent two years gazing at the most amazing little man to ever live. One day she woke up and realized it was time to write again. Locking herself into the Love Shack (her writing studio), she pounded out her first book Hollywood In Heels, which was published digitally by 36 Inch Publishing in April 2012 and was released physically by Skyhorse Publishing in September 2013. She thinks of herself as an Indie act  that got signed by a Major Label.

Charity currently lives and loves her two men, short and tall, in the Hollywood Hills, attending glamorous parties with the big one by night and holing up in her writing studio or on the playground with her son by day. She is one-hundred and ninety pages into her next book, a novel, so no, she won’t be answering emails or phone calls for the next six months. And if you should bump into her on the street, please pretend you do not see the post-it’s stuck to her yoga pants or the chocolate ice-cream smeared on her cheek. And no, despite all the adventures that you’ll read about in Hollywood In Heels, that is not cocaine on her nose. That is powder from the jelly donut she split with her little man. Oh how the mighty fall.

To learn more about Charity’s adventures in tinseltown check out her memoir Hollywood in Heels.

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